So, it appears the idea of additional characters has suddenly started to bring interest to you all. So, while it's allowed there are a few things you'd need to know and some restrictions that follow with it. These restrictions are made to keep things easy on the admin and make sure everything remains fair

  • You must use two separate accounts. This makes it easier to differentiate your text and makes it so your characters hold two separate inventories and balances.
  • Your characters may not interact with one another in any way that would benefit one another unless such an interaction is necessary. Meaning no information can be passed from one to the other under any circumstance that isn't approved by an administrator.
  • You may not use your two characters in one combat scenario. They may not fight together nor against each other in a single combat scenario unless it is necessary and/or is under an event; even in the event of a group confrontation. If you control two characters and on either side, you must find a way to take one out as it will result in consequences if they both participate.
  • You may not give items, money, etc. from one character to the other. Such a thing will result in a wipe of your character balance and inventory and further administrative consequences if needed. This includes using a medium to do so.
  • You may not use your character in any other way to benefit the other. This will result in removal of one or both characters and voiding of whatever situation violated this rule
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